For me, the past four years have been about raising and representing community matters on council. It has been my honour to work for and alongside residents to help the city grow better and be better. There is so much more we can accomplish together.


  1. A people-focused COVID recovery matters. Too many residents have experienced hardship due to the global pandemic while the municipality is grappling with a serious financial shortfall. Can Council lead the City in creating a tax and expenditure strategy that focuses on people, not just the bottom line? Absolutely. In collaboration with organizations like Economic Development Regina, I want to be part of the Council that ensures our residents and neighbourhoods are centred in the new long-term economic development strategy that will help Regina recover after COVID-19.
  2. Anti-racism matters. Allegations of racism within the City's police force must be confronted as a community. I want to help make sure that Councillors provide a safe forum for residents to discuss systemic racism and support solutions.
  3. The Official Community Plan matters. Residential and commercial development is important, but the City’s Official Community Plan and the various Neighbourhood Plans – shaped by residents' input – should dictate where and how housing and commercial is constructed. We shouldn’t pursue accept development for the sake of it. It also means incentivising infill development and respect for built heritage.
  4. Infrastructure matters. I will continue advocating for improved municipal services and infrastructure by demanding more resources from the provincial government.
  5. A Green Regina matters:Making Regina sustainable should guide all our planning, transportation, and utility decisions. Council’s commitment to make the City of Regina 100% renewable by 2050 is an ambitious plan that will take strong leadership in the years ahead. This means focusing on the economic, social, and environmental benefits associated with building a sustainable city, from tax incentives to electrifying our public transit fleet.
  6. Residents' voices matter. I have enjoyed creating opportunities for residents to engage with me and each other on issues that are relevant to Ward 3, like town halls, Q&As, and Facebook Live discussions. I want to continue enhancing civic engagement by organizing more such opportunities (online until we can gather in person again).
  7. Newcomers matter. Based on my research and volunteer experience, Council has a crucial role to play in supporting their access to local employment, health, and housing services. I want to continue making this case.
  8. The environment matters. Considering the number of oil and gas pipelines running through our city, along with a refinery, I will work to ensure that Regina has adequate protocols in place to deal with leaks and other potential environmental catastrophes. We were reminded of the importance of strong policies and enforcement when spills and leaks stemming from the Co-op Refinery System entered our sewers and Wascana Creek. .
  9. Reconciliation matters. To advance recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), particularly call to action #57 (Professional Development and Training for Public Servants), I want to continue encouraging Council to lead on this issue and other recommendations directed toward municipal governments. This means supporting Reconciliation Regina in providing clear policy objectives for Council to implement.
  10. Transparency matters. Residents deserve the same access to unredacted reports and information as City administrators and Council members have when important decisions are being made. I want to continue calling for greater transparency of data related to major infrastructure projects, including P3s (public-private partnerships).
  11. Homelessness matters. We already have a pretty solid Plan to End Homelessness in Regina. Now, we have to finance it and demand the province chips in. I want to continue pushing to get this done.

What matters to you? Let's tackle it together.