Update on the Travellers Building

Here's some information about the Travellers Building at 1833 Broad Street.

Following the fire, the Fire and Protective Services Department secured the site and engaged a contractor to demolish and push in the second storey walls to address potential collapse and impact on property and human life and a fire investigation was initiated. The Fire and Protective Services Department has since concluded its investigation and the site is no longer an active fire investigation scene. The property and debris including the portion of sidewalk in front of the property remains secured.

The property owner is responsible to demolish and remediate the site. Once the demolition permit is issued the owner will have 10 days to initiate the work and the demolition completed within 30 days. Depending on the review process, demolition may start before the end of the May.

The matter will be addressed by the Planning Commission shortly, before heading to City Council for approval. More soon.