My track record

It’s one thing to talk about change. It’s another to act. That’s why I advanced my bold policy commitments into motions, enquiries, and amendments at Council since 2016, in co-operation with my colleagues. Some of these actions include:

  • Making Regina a renewable city by 2050
  • Making Regina an Access without Fear City and improving our relationship with newcomers
  • Water affordability
  • Rebalancing residential and commercial taxes
  • The development of a greywater strategy
  • Stopping commercial development in Wascana Park
  • A review of the Unwanted Guest Initiative
  • Safe and accessible sidewalks
  • Requiring Council approval for large, temporary work camps in Regina
  • Finding opportunities to favour local contractors in our procurement policies
  • Returning parking revenue to the areas in which they are collected through improved services and infrastructure
  • Improving parking experience and technology in the downtown
  • Investing in the Municipal Justice Building and community spaces in Heritage
  • Increasing investments into community associations and community grants
  • Advancing a community wellbeing and safety strategy
  • Cleaner streets and improved street sweeping
  • Requesting the Saskatchewan Health Authority evaluate the COVID protocols at the Co-op Refinery Complex
  • Bike lane improvements (expanding and building new dedicated and protected bike lanes and pathways)
  • Opposing the privatization of Crown Corporations
  • Investing in park and recreation spaces throughout Ward 3 (Maple Leaf Pool, playgrounds, dog parks, rinks)
  • Broad Street revitalization