The Right to a Healthy Environment

At tomorrow's Executive Committee meeting, Councillors will vote on the following motion: "That the City of Regina Declaration - The Right to a Healthy Environment (Appendix A), be adopted." 

Submitted as a motion on January 25, 2016 by then-Councillor Shawn Fraser, Council debated the Blue Dot Movement's "Right to a Healthy Environment" initiative. The matter was given to Administration to study. That report has now been submitted and is being recommended for approval. As the report reads:

The Administration has reviewed other municipalities’ practices in terms of environmentally sustainable actions within the context of the Blue Dot Movement and recommends that a declaration be made (see Appendix A).

The Declaration is consistent with the policies of the City’s already approved Official Community Plan, Design Regina. The Declaration itself is a statement of principle, reinforcing principles and policies that have already been approved by Council that have resulted in decisions and actions as outlined later in this report.

A healthy environment is not only the responsibility of municipalities, but also of other levels of government, the private sector, and in fact, each and every individual living in a community, regardless of the size or demographics. It is therefore recommended that Council notify others of its declaration. 

I will proudly support this recommendation and applaud Councillor Fraser and community groups for pushing the matter forward. A copy of the Agenda can be downloaded here.