What should be done with Regina's Taylor Field site?

In 2011 the City of Regina released a concept for the old Taylor Field site that stated:

"We’ll develop a state-of-the-art residential neighbourhood. The design will seamlessly bring a mix of affordable and market-rate housing as well as new rental units within the new neighbourhood. Two, three and four storey townhouses and low-rise apartments could add 700 residential units. A neighbourhood-scale employment district could see over one hundred thousand square feet of commercial space for local business and professional services."

However, no formal neighbourhood plan was approved by Council. So I asked residents what they think should be built on the old Taylor Field site. Here's what I found.

As the City Councillor for Regina's Ward 3 (North Central, Cathedral, Centre Square, and Downtown), I asked residents what they think should be built on on the old Taylor Field site. I conducted the survey as the community representative and not as a member of the Catalyst Committee, which is looking at where large recreation and cultural projects should be situated in our city.

The survey report can be downloaded here.

The Catalyst Committee has also published its survey findings. Check out the report on-line.

Cathedral Area Community Association report on Catalyst Committee projects


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