Sunday Transit Improvements

Weekend transit service needs to improve, especially for para-transit users. What's been show is that when service and service frequency increases in certain instances, so to does ridership. The UPASS is one example. I want to know what can be done to improve Sunday service, and what it might cost. That's why I'm bringing forward this motion at Monday's (November 26, 2018) Council meeting.

WHEREAS the City of Regina’s Transportation Master Plan focuses on increasing public transit ridership;

WHEREAS new routes, the UPASS, and transit fare changes are focused on increasing ridership and improving Regina’s public transit system;

WHEREAS infrequent and limited service on Sundays may function as a barrier to increased ridership;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Administration prepare a report for Community and Protective Services for Q1 of 2019 that:

1. Identifies the costs and ridership statistics related to improving Sunday bus frequency during the day and evenings for both regular transit and para-transit services;

2. Identifies regular transit routes that merit improved Sunday service based on potential ridership.