Sidewalk snow removal

Snow is a burden to many of us, but for some residents a sidewalk that doesn't get shovelled is a serious obstacle. Here's some information about the City's Winter Maintenance Policy and sidewalk clearing. Remember, if you have questions or wish to lodge a complaint, please call 306-777-7000.

The Winter Maintenance Policy specifies that the City is to clear sidewalks at the following locations:

1.       Adjacent to city owned buildings

2.       Adjacent to Bridge decks and subways

3.       Adjacent to Transit stops on the Heritage bus route

4.       Adjacent to No frontage locations on all Category streets

5.       Adjacent to Storm channel and railway crossings on Category 1 and 2 streets

6.       Adjacent to Vacant land on Category 1 and 2 streets

7.       Adjacent to city owned parks on Category 1, 2, 3, and 4 streets

8.       Adjacent to city owned parks that are next to a public school

9.       Adjacent to the General Hospital gateway (sidewalks both sides on 14th Avenue from Broad Street to the alley east of Halifax Street)

10.   Adjacent to Core Community Park (Quebec Street side)

In addition, the Clean Property Bylaw states that Commercial property owners and apartment buildings must clear their sidewalks within 24 hours within the Downtown core, and 48 hours in the remainder of the city.  There is no Bylaw for Residential properties to clear their sidewalks, and the City utilizes the “encouragement’ model where we promote and encourage citizens to clear their own walks through ads and campaigns such as the Snowbuster campaign.