Sensible Taxation

Sensible Taxation Policy

Why do our property taxes seem high and our roads and sidewalks still so poor? Over the years City Council has shifted taxes off business (especially big business) and onto residential property owners.

Regina has one of the lowest ratios of commercial-to-residential property taxes in Canada. That means in Regina residential property owners pay 62% of all property taxes. That’s not fair.calculator-385506.jpg

As your councillor in Ward 3, I will demand a review of the current property tax structure with the goal of equalizing the business and residential tax contribution, bringing Regina in line with other municipalities.

Council should also put an end to the “sprawl subsidy” and review development fees and levies to make sure new growth pays for itself. In the past City Council has not collected enough fees from developers to pay for new infrastructure and services as the City grew.  

For example, in 2011 Regina added $2.7 million in taxable commercial and residential property, but the cost of providing services to accommodate this growth was $4.7 million. In other words, homeowners and businesses in existing neighbourhoods have subsidized the developers while existing infrastructure is neglected.

Fair and adequate taxation provides the revenue we need to maintain good roads and pipes, and to build and sustain safe and vibrant communities. Residential property owners shouldn’t have to carry a majority of the burden. And we can’t keep mortgaging our infrastructure by subsidizing sprawl.

Going forward Council also needs to be bold and creative in finding new sources of revenue in order to deliver high quality services and to maintain and upgrade our aging infrastructure.

With support from Ward 3 residents we can make this happen!