Safer Sidewalks

Part of making Regina more walkable, accessible, and pedestrian friendly is, well, ensuring that we have sidewalks. With infill development, water line breaks, and the lead connection program in full swing, sidewalk excavation will certainly happen more often. City crews do a good job with their work, but it needs to be done faster. Residents with mobility devices shouldn't have to use the road and I shouldn't have to trip over the same damn demolished sidewalk on Victoria Avenue every year. This motion has the City examine the costs and possibility of imposing strict timelines when it comes to rebuilding sidewalks. 

WHEREAS the Transportation Master Plan aims to “Promote active transportation for healthier communities” as well as “Safe and Efficient Infrastructure”;

WHEREAS the state of Regina’s underground infrastructure, the Lead Pipe replacement program, and infill development means an increase in the prevalence of sidewalk excavation;

WHEREAS damaged and demolished sidewalks create mobility challenges and have resulted in injury to residents;

WHEREAS some sidewalks go a year or more before they are repaired or replaced;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Administration prepare a report for Public Works and Infrastructure for Q3 of 2019 that:

1. Identifies the costs and implications of guaranteeing sidewalk replacement within one month of the completion of work related to the sidewalk’s initial excavation;

2. Identifies the costs of short-term mitigation efforts guaranteeing walkability (i.e., asphalt capping) to be completed immediately after sidewalk demolition when underground work is not being conducted, and in advance of a full replacement.