Reimagining the Regina Public Library

The Regina Public Library Board voted in favour of demolishing the existing downtown branch and rebuilding a new facility in the same location. Members of the public want access to all of the information that went into that decision, along with increased transparency and engagement. Here's what we have so far.

I will be uploaded the reports made available to Council as they come our way. If there's something else you would like to add, send it to [email protected].

RPL reports:

KPMG's Central Library Renewal Needs Assessment and Project Plan (March, 2020)

Public Consultation Results (2015)

Regina Public Library Stakeholder Engagement (2019)

Stakeholder Engagement Summary (Appendix C) (2019)

Stakeholder Engagement (Appendix H, Multiuse facility analysis) (2019)

RPL Central Library Survey Report (2021)

Letters and reports from residents, for and against:

Letter from Mark Wihak addressed to City Council

"So many questions about the Library plan" (Leader Post, letters)

Rebuild irresponsible for Regina's downtown library

Citizen Statements to the RPL Board

Statements by Bernadette Wagner


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