New Rapid Housing Initiative in North Central

Using funding from the federal government, the City of Regina is partnering with the North Central Family Centre to develop the latest Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) in the city's North Central community. Here are the details.

Members of the public can check out the RHI concept plan slides here. Consultation with the public will continue throughout March of 2023 and into the future. A number of partners will help the NCFC make this incredible project happen.

“The North Central Family Centre is eager and ready to play our part to increase the availability of safe and affordable housing for residents in our community,” said Kim Wenger, Executive Director, North Central Family Centre. “With our 20-year history within the North Central neighbourhood, this project is a stepping stone in expanding our contribution in addressing the needs and barriers that the community has always expressed to us. This project is more than a building, it's about community pride, connection, inclusion, sharing and hope and will serve as a model for future housing growth."

  • Andrew Stevens
    published this page in Media 2023-03-23 14:30:06 -0600