Protect Wascana Park from Commercialization

With Councillors Lori Bresciani (Ward 4) and Bob Hawkins (Ward 2) I have co-authored a motion that pushes Council to take a stance opposing the further commercial development of Wascana Park. 

WHEREAS Wascana Park is central to citizens’ quality of life, enables residents of all ages and economic background to gather for recreation and social activities, promotes conservation, and encourages walkability and other active modes of transportation; and

WHEREAS Wascana Park embodies the principles and vision of Regina’s Official Community Plan with its goal of developing “complete” and liveable communities; and

WHEREAS ongoing and proposed office space development threatens to compromise the principles advanced by both the Provincial Capital Commission, the Wascana Centre Authority before it and the Official Community Plan; and

WHEREAS there exists a surplus of vacant office space in the downtown and its surrounding areas;


1. City Council commit to protecting Wascana Park from future commercial development that is not directly intended to serve the needs of, or benefits those, using the park;

2. A letter be sent on behalf of the City of Regina from Mayor Michael Fougere to the Government of Saskatchewan and the Provincial Capital Commission opposing future commercial development in Wascana Park; and

3. That the City of Regina urgently request this item be put on the Provincial Capital Commission agenda to commence a public consultation process that addresses the future development, stewardship and governance of Wascana Park.