Motion: Parking Improvements

At next Thursday's Community and Protective Services Committee meeting, Councillors will be discussing my "Parking Improvement" motion.

WHEREAS the 2014 parking study commissioned by Administration and undertaken by MMM Group Limited for the City of Regina, “Current Parking Program Assessment and Downtown and Vicinity Parking Strategy”, provided a rigorous analysis and set of recommendations regarding a city-wide parking strategy;

WHEREAS the study recommended that the City replace existing hardware and software with modern parking management and enforcement technology;

WHEREAS parking has the capacity to fund technological advances and human resource requirements;

WHEREAS the report indicates that technological and policy improvements can improve the public perception of certain areas where parking is thought to be scarce such as Downtown and in the vicinity of the General Hospital;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Administration bring forward a report in Q2 of 2018 to Community and Protective Services Committee that provides a timeline and cost for modernizing the City’s parking management and enforcement technology, processes, strategy, and policies in accordance with the MMM Group Limited report.