Motion on homelessness

This important motion on homelessness is being brought forward by the Mayor and will be debated at Council this month. It certainly has my support. Keep in mind that the working group/advisory board referenced in the motion isn't interested in another study on homelessness; instead, the focus is on building the plan and costing a strategy to eliminate ("functional zero") homelessness in Regina. It's the project I'm the most proud of being part of as a Councillor.

WHEREAS, the YMCA of Regina, as the local lead of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy, has been coordinating the community’s efforts towards ending homelessness in Regina, including Regina’s initial Housing First program; and

WHEREAS the City of Regina is a founding partner in the Homelessness Partnership Strategy as a member of the Community Advisory Board, including filling the role as past chair of the committee; and

WHEREAS recently the City of Regina has been invited to participate in an advisory board to guide the consultation process leading to the development of Regina's Plan to End Homelessness;


1. The City of Regina participate in the advisory board to develop a community plan to end homelessness by providing cash or in-kind contributions for the establishment and work of the working group;

2. The City of Regina review its policies and procedures that may contribute to the plan to end homelessness, which includes the Affordable Housing Incentive Program;

3. The City of Regina work with the federal government, the provincial government, and other interested parties in providing funding to achieve the goal of ending homelessness in Regina; and,

4. The Plan to End Homelessness be referred to the Mayor's Housing Commission for further consideration and input.