Regina should make Housing First strategy a priority in 2017

Here's a letter to the editor I wrote about Housing First in Regina (Leader Post, January 5, 2017). The LP’s coverage of Housing First success stories reminds us that an end to homelessness is possible. Continue reading

How will the property reassessment impact your tax rate?

How will property reassessments impact your municipal tax rates? Here's some background as well as details about the appeal process. Continue reading

Are the electronic billboards on Sask Drive too bright?

During the campaign, residents living near Saskatchewan Drive complained about the brightness of electronic signs along that busy street. Here's the deal... and a chance for residents to get involved in change. Continue reading

Ward 3 Community Council Potluck, January 9

On January 9, join neighbours and community members for the second Ward 3 Community Council meeting at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre. Continue reading

Update on 1915 Retallack motion

Here's an update on the 1915 Retallack Street park development motion. Continue reading

Rezoning for Carmichael Outreach

On December 7 the City of Regina hosted an open forum for residents to learn about the rezoning of a building on 12th Avenue and St. John Street. If the rezoning is approved by City Council, this building could be the home of Carmichael Outreach, which is currently located just a few blocks away. That organization's need for a new building is undeniable. But is this intersection appropriate? Continue reading

Ward 3 Community Council (December 15, 2016 @ 6:30PM)

Come out for my first Community Council meeting in Ward 3. Everyone is welcome. Continue reading

The case for ending homelessness: YWCA Regina

How many people are homeless in Regina? Is homelessness a serious issue in Regina? Continue reading

Overview of Regina Police Service Budget Increases

In my call for feedback on the Citizen Budget tool, several residents urged Council to cut the Regina Police Service budget. Ultimately the RPS budget is approved by the Regina Board of Police Commissioners, which includes the Mayor and Council members. Between 2006 and 2016, the RPS received average annual budget increases of 5.4%, or about $3.2 million. Meanwhile, the City’s overall budget increased by an average of 6.4% over the same period. Continue reading

Is the City of Regina “overspending” on employees? The data says no.

Lobby groups like the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) are quick to chastise public sector employers for “overspending” on salaries and employment benefits. This chorus typically becomes louder around budget time. But is there evidence to suggest that public employers, like the City of Regina, are overstaffed and overpaid? Historical trends say no.   Continue reading