Spring Ward 3 Community Council (April 6)

Last night (April 6) I hosted my third community council meeting at the Artful Dodger in the beautiful Heritage neighbourhood. The theme was Community Safety and Parking. This was inspired by Ward 3 resident, Lauren Steele, who suggested the idea. Representatives from the Regina Police Service, Parking Services, and Traffic were on hand to take questions. Matt Flagman, who helped to launch a parking space sharing service called Offstreet (, was also there to help promote his new app. Here are some take-aways: Continue reading

Student researcher wanted as part of Regina's commitment to the TRC

The City of Regina is looking for student researchers/archivists as part of an oral history program related to Canada 150. Specifically, collecting the stories of 150 Indigenous participants from the community. Details below. Continue reading

The Glockenspiel

Let's be honest, civic politics isn't about making people happy, it's about minimizing dissatisfaction. Here's an example. Continue reading

A free class trip transit program for Regina?

I've submitted a notice of motion to the March 27, 2017 session of Regina City Council seeking information about the feasibility of a Class Trip Program for Regina. Here's the language of the motion. Continue reading

Heritage Regina is looking for board members

Heritage Regina is looking for board members. Email to learn more. Continue reading

Landfill gas to electricity site is on-line!

On March 13, the City of Regina officially unveiled the Landfill Gas to Energy Facility, which uses waste gas from the landfill to generate electricity. Continue reading

Public information session on intersection improvement: Lewvan and 13th Avenue

The City of Regina will be making improvements to the intersection of Lewvan Drive and 13th Avenue. Find out more at the public information session on March 2 from 4-8PM at 1717 Elpihnstone Street (Regina Sportplex Fieldhouse). Continue reading

Sidewalk snow removal

Snow is a burden to many of us, but for some residents a sidewalk that doesn't get shovelled is a serious obstacle. Here's some information about the City's Winter Maintenance Policy and sidewalk clearing. Remember, if you have questions or wish to lodge a complaint, please call 306-777-7000. Continue reading

The Right to a Healthy Environment

At tomorrow's Executive Committee meeting, Councillors will vote on the following motion: "That the City of Regina Declaration - The Right to a Healthy Environment (Appendix A), be adopted."  Continue reading

An overview of Regina's Utilities

Here's a summary of how Regina's utility rate system works. A great deal of thanks is owed to city staff who helped me compile this information.  Continue reading