Access Without Fear: Moving Forward

On July 31, City Council considered the Access Without Fear motion I co-authored with community groups. Here's what happened and next steps.  Continue reading

2018 Memorial Cup - Brandt Centre Renovations

At tomorrow's (July 5, 2017) Executive Committee meeting, Council members will be asked to provide a cash grant of $1,310,700 to REAL for renovations to the Brandt Centre in support of hosting the 2018 MasterCard Memorial Cup. Check out the details here. Continue reading

Regina: An Access Without Fear City?

I present the Access Without Fear City motion to Council this evening (June 26, 2017). The motion is the result of a collaboration with community members who have been working on this initiative since January, following President Trump's racist travel ban policies. I recommend that people read the motion instead of relying on media coverage. Continue reading

Some clarification on the ChamberLink statement

In the May edition of the Regina and District’s Chamber of Commerce newsletter, ChamberLink, the Chamber’s CEO takes aim at a particular City Councillor who has questioned the current split between commercial and residential property taxes in our City. Residential ratepayers contribute about 63% of total tax revenue compared to non-residential (commercial) at 37%. After Saskatoon, this is one of the lowest ratios in Canada. As the Chamber CEO, John Hopkins, writes Continue reading

Release of the 2016 Public Accounts: Highlights

Here are a few highlights related to the DRAFT 2016 Public Accounts, which were made public on May 5. The document will be reviewed at the May 9 Finance and Administration Meeting.  Continue reading

Update on the Travellers Building

Here's some information about the Travellers Building at 1833 Broad Street. Continue reading

Too noisy?

I've received some complaints about noise, especially in the downtown area. Here's some information about our noise bylaw and how to lodge a complaint. Continue reading

Preparing for Budget 2.0

Here are a few thoughts about Councillor salaries and the Budget 2.0 meeting on April 10, 2017. Continue reading

Provincial Budget Headaches

As a consequence of the provincial government's decision to suspend grants in-lieu of property taxes for certain Crown Corporations, the City of Regina is now required to fill an estimated $11 million gap in our municipal budget. That's about $8 million this fiscal year. Minister Harpaurer suggests that cities should simply dig into their reserves to fix the problem. In the long-term that would be irresponsible. It's also indicative of the provincial government's lack of knowledge about how municipal finances actually work. Here's a summary of how reserves work. Continue reading

Keep the Crowns in public hands

Even though the government has backed down from the outright sale of Sasktel, the threat of privatization (49% or 51%, it doesn't matter) is real. And what we've learned from the recent budget is that public enterprises that serve an important service but yield no financial returns, like STC, will simply be scrapped. That's why we need to take a stand against the threat of privatization. In Regina, where the largest Crowns are headquartered, this is important. That's why I have submitted the following motion to Regina City Council for consideration and debate at our April 24th meeting (see the motion below). Please consider encouraging other members of City Council to support the motion and to show up on April 24th as a delegate to voice your thoughts. You need to notify the Clerk's Office by April 19th if you wish to attend and speak (  I look forward to hearing from you (306-570-1402 or Continue reading