It's time for an airport bus route

A resident reminded me that the conversation about a bus stop or route to the YQR airport goes back to the 1980s. So what's the delay? Well, there are challenges, like cost and fears that there won't be sufficient ridership to make the route financially sustainable. But what about the hundreds of workers employed in and around the airport, and the role the Regina International Airport plays in YQR's broader economic development strategy? I think's it time to think about how to build a solution rather than focus on the problems. That's why I'm bringing that motion before Council this month. Continue reading

Sunday Transit Improvements

Weekend transit service needs to improve, especially for para-transit users. What's been show is that when service and service frequency increases in certain instances, so to does ridership. The UPASS is one example. I want to know what can be done to improve Sunday service, and what it might cost. That's why I'm bringing forward this motion at Monday's (November 26, 2018) Council meeting. Continue reading

Why has Broad Street turned to shit?

Fire. Parking lots. Vacant lots. Broken windows. Abandoned buildings. Absentee landlords. This is how we describe a section of Broad Street between 15th Avenue and Saskatchewan Drive. I want to know why this once vibrant stretch of street has turned to shit and what we can do about it. Here's the enquiry I submitted earlier this week, with the hope of getting a response before the end of 2018.   Continue reading

Renewable Regina

Municipalities in Canada are surpassing provincial governments when it comes to taking climate change seriously. Let's join countless cities from across Canada and the world and make Regina a leader when it comes to renewable energy. That's why Councillors Findura, Murray, and I are advancing a motion to make Regina a Renewable City at the September 24th Council meeting. We are looking for public support! Continue reading

Let's discuss Regina's Cultural Plan

I'm looking forward to sharing the floor with exceptional City staff who will be talking about Regina's Cultural Plan. After a short presentation the floor will be open for questions and discussion. I hope to see you on the 25th! Refreshments will be provided. Where and when? September 25th, Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre, 2900 13th Avenue, 7PM.   Continue reading

Protect Wascana Park from Commercialization

With Councillors Lori Bresciani (Ward 4) and Bob Hawkins (Ward 2) I have co-authored a motion that pushes Council to take a stance opposing the further commercial development of Wascana Park.  Continue reading

Support for a national cycling strategy

Federal MP, and year-round cyclist, Gord Johns (Member of Parliament for Courtenay-Alberni) is advancing Bill C-312 (the National Cycling Strategy Act). I believe Regina should join the handful of cities across Canada that have already endorsed the Bill. Here's the motion I'll be bringing to City Council later this month asking for support for C-312. You can read the language of Bill C-312 on-line. Continue reading

Police reports for Ward 3 (2017)

Crime and public safety are issues frequently raised by Ward 3 residents. Take a look at the crime statistics and district reports produced by the Regina Police Service (RPS) to learn more.  Continue reading

Motion: Boosting support for community grants

The Community Investment Grants Program is a lifeline for hundreds of organizations in our City. Evidence shows that these grants generate a massive "return on investment" through social and community-based programming. Unfortunately funding has not kept up with demand. My motion aims to change that. Find out more about the Community Investment Grants Program on the City of Regina website. Continue reading

A few thoughts on the 2018 provincial budget

The 2018 provincial budget lessened the blow that municipalities experienced last year, but austerity is still on the table. Fortunately the City’s budget anticipated the impact. Returned to the City of Regina was the revenue collected through the 5% surcharge on SaskEnergy bills. Grants-in-lieu of property taxes for SaskEnergy and SaskPower office buildings will also be provided. The fundamentals of the Municipal Revenue Sharing (MRS) program – which provides a significant portion of Regina’s revenue - was maintained. The government announced a review of the MRS program and committed to ensuring that municipalities continue to receive predictable and stable funding. What remains uncertain is the province’s contribution to transit, which is critical as our cities grow. Keep in mind that Saskatchewan is predominately an urban province and should be investing more in public transportation.   Continue reading