Motion: Boosting support for community grants

The Community Investment Grants Program is a lifeline for hundreds of organizations in our City. Evidence shows that these grants generate a massive "return on investment" through social and community-based programming. Unfortunately funding has not kept up with demand. My motion aims to change that. Find out more about the Community Investment Grants Program on the City of Regina website. Continue reading

A few thoughts on the 2018 provincial budget

The 2018 provincial budget lessened the blow that municipalities experienced last year, but austerity is still on the table. Fortunately the City’s budget anticipated the impact. Returned to the City of Regina was the revenue collected through the 5% surcharge on SaskEnergy bills. Grants-in-lieu of property taxes for SaskEnergy and SaskPower office buildings will also be provided. The fundamentals of the Municipal Revenue Sharing (MRS) program – which provides a significant portion of Regina’s revenue - was maintained. The government announced a review of the MRS program and committed to ensuring that municipalities continue to receive predictable and stable funding. What remains uncertain is the province’s contribution to transit, which is critical as our cities grow. Keep in mind that Saskatchewan is predominately an urban province and should be investing more in public transportation.   Continue reading

Motion: Parking Improvements

At next Thursday's Community and Protective Services Committee meeting, Councillors will be discussing my "Parking Improvement" motion. Continue reading

Why I won’t be supporting the RPS budget

Each year, City Council adopts a budget proposed by Regina Police Service (RPS) without sufficient discussion or analysis about how we can do better. As a valued and admired force in our community, RPS does deserve our strong support. But here is why I cannot vote in favour of its proposed budget tomorrow. Continue reading

Safe and Accessible Sidewalks

With my friend and Council colleague, Lori Bresciani, I will be advancing a motion that aims to improve snow clearance rates on residential sidewalks. The motion will be read at the February 26 session of City Council, a day before the 2018 Budget deliberation. If you wish to speak to the motion, please consider attending Council as a delegate. Check out the City of Regina website for further information. Continue reading

Budget 2018 Ward 3 Town hall

On Tuesday, February 13, come out to my Budget 2018 town hall!     Continue reading

Cannabis legalization

Cannabis legalization has been on the horizon since the election of the Liberal government in 2015. Unfortunately Saskatchewan is lagging behind other provinces when it comes to developing a road map for how to manage this change. There are lessons to be learned from south of the border and we need to take full advantage of the economic potential legalization has to offer. Continue reading

Ward 3 Business Survey

Do you own or operate a business that is located in Regina's Ward 3? If so, please fill out my survey. Continue reading

Is it time for a new police HQ?

On November 27, Council will vote on buying the old STC building (and two accompanying parking lots for about $16 million) and transforming the space into a new Regina Policy HQ. The old building, constructed in the late 1970s, will remain in operation. Here are some considerations. Continue reading

Urban Development: A Town Hall

You are invited to join Andrew Stevens Ward 3 City Councillor and the Heritage Community Association for a town-hall conversation about growth, development, gentrification and revitalization in Regina. The event will be held on September 28 @ 7 PM, at the Artful Dodger Cafe (1631 11th Avenue). We have put together a stellar panel of people who think and talk a lot about these topics.  Continue reading