Facebook Municipal Round Table Event

Budget season is always fun. Now that the dust has settled, let's talk about what Budget 2023-24 (Regina's first multi-year budget) means for residents. Join me on Facebook (@andrewstevensward3) for a live discussion about the budget and the findings from my survey on what Regina residents think should be done with the old Taylor Field site.

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Downtown revitalization with Halifax Councillor Waye Mason

Zoom conversations with Councillor Waye Mason about inner city revitalization on December 10th, 12 PM.

In the spring of 2022, I joined fellow councillors and the Mayor in Halifax, Nova Scotia to explore opportunities for downtown and inner city revitalization. There's a lot we can learn about Halifax's approach to dealing with public investments in infrastructure, recreation, and cultural amenities. Like Regina, Halifax struggles with poverty, homelessness, and a perception that inner city streets are unsafe. In this live Zoom session, I speak with Councillor Waye Mason about how that municipality tackled the same issues that Regina is addressing right now.

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Consider donating your Moe bucks

There are thousands of residents in Regina eagerly awaiting their $500 cheques from the provincial government so they can buy groceries, pay rent, and keep the lights on. But many others are privileged enough to not need the help. Please consider donating this holiday season to one of Regina's many amazing not-for-profit organizations. Here are a few options...

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What happens to the stuff in your blue bin?

This Council and City administration are trying to make some big changes when it comes to landfill diversion. Operating a dump is expensive, not to mention the environmental concerns. Plus there's money to be made off of selling recyclable materials, bio-gas, and waste-to-energy systems. That's why I appreciate when residents reach out and ask questions about how the blue bin recycling program works. Items you chuck in that bin doesn't magically turn into post-consumer waste products. Here are some details based on the exchange between City staff and a Ward 3 resident.

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What should be done with Regina's Taylor Field site?

In 2011 the City of Regina released a concept for the old Taylor Field site that stated:

"We’ll develop a state-of-the-art residential neighbourhood. The design will seamlessly bring a mix of affordable and market-rate housing as well as new rental units within the new neighbourhood. Two, three and four storey townhouses and low-rise apartments could add 700 residential units. A neighbourhood-scale employment district could see over one hundred thousand square feet of commercial space for local business and professional services."

However, no formal neighbourhood plan was approved by Council. So I asked residents what they think should be built on the old Taylor Field site. Here's what I found.

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Curbside Waste Services Funding Policy

In October of 2022 Council approved a change to how we pay for residential curbside waste removal. Here's the full report. That includes the brown (landfill garbage), blue (recycling), and green (composting) bins. Right now, garbage is paid for through general property taxes while the blue bin is tacked on to your utility bill and paid for only by users of that program. Here's what the change will mean for residents.

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Recreation needs assessment

On July 6, 2022, Council approved a report that included a feasibility studies related to aquatics and baseball. This is the framework for what we're discussing at the Catalyst Committee. The document deserves a close read.

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RPS Initiatives 2022

The Strategic Plan 2019-2022 was introduced as a guiding document for the Regina Police Service (RPS) in February 2019. Here's an update on this progress.

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State of our infrastructure report (2022)

The City of Regina's State of Infrastructure Report (October, 2022) is one of the most important documents to be presented to Council by administration. The Report will be used in the preparation of a Corporate Asset management Plan. The development of a Corporate Asset management Plan will define the activities, approaches, measures and targets to achieve service levels that are acceptable and affordable.


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Reimagining the Regina Public Library

The Regina Public Library Board voted in favour of demolishing the existing downtown branch and rebuilding a new facility in the same location. Members of the public want access to all of the information that went into that decision, along with increased transparency and engagement. Here's what we have so far.

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