State of our infrastructure report (2022)

The City of Regina's State of Infrastructure Report (October, 2022) is one of the most important documents to be presented to Council by administration. The Report will be used in the preparation of a Corporate Asset management Plan. The development of a Corporate Asset management Plan will define the activities, approaches, measures and targets to achieve service levels that are acceptable and affordable.


The Report is one aspect of asset management and a first step towards a corporate level asset management plan. It conveys the current state of City assets, which provides transparent reporting at a high level across multiple service areas and informs asset planning and investment decisions. The preparation of this Report aligns with City Council’s strategic priorities and Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw (OCP). Across all of our departments, the City will need to invest $4.5 billion in our infrastructure over the next 20 years. With about $3.9 billion in capital funding allocated for this investment, we're facing a $655 million gap. This will be an ongoing challenge for Council and Administration, and shall require support from the provincial and federal governments to help maintain the sustainability of our community. Such challenges are being experienced by municipalities across Canada.

Check out the complete report here (Executive Committee, 4 October 2022).


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