We need to do better with water in Regina

The World Resources Institute has made it clear that we need to "act before it's too late" in Saskatchewan when it comes to protecting our water resources. One quarter of the world's population is under "extreme water stress", and that includes our province, according to the Institute's recently published report. Managing how we use and re-use our water should be a priority at the municipal and national level. This motion I co-authored with Councillor Jason Mancinelli helps to confront this challenge.



Whereas Section D2 Goal 3 (“Water Protection”) of the Official Community Plan (OCP) aims to “Maintain the integrity of Regina’s acquirers, surface and groundwater resources” and to “Develop strategies to protect the quality and quantity of surface and ground water resources from contamination and impacts”;

Whereas page 20 of the Water Master Plan (“Water and Storm Water”) recognizes that “With Buffalo Pound Lake a considerable distance away from Regina, water conservation is imperative”;

Whereas the Provincial Government’s “Prairie Resilience” strategy cites the protection of water systems as am imperative in our effort to mitigate the effects of climate change in Saskatchewan;

Whereas the Canada Plumbing Code provides guidelines for greywater use and systems;

Whereas greywater systems, infrastructure, policies are emerging throughout Canada and the United States;

Whereas “greywater” is typically, but not exclusively, sourced from baths, showers, bathroom basins and considered sewerage;

Whereas resident and commercial greywater systems could reduce fresh water consumption and the impact on our waste water treatment facility;

Be it resolved that Administration return to Council in Q2 of 2020 with a commercial, industrial, and residential greywater strategy;

Be it further resolved that the strategy include a focus on City-owned and operated facilities.

Respectfully submitted,



Jason Mancinelli

Councillor - Ward 9




Andrew Stevens

Councillor - Ward 3