Green Regina


A Policy for Water and a Greener Regina

As your city councilor, I will advocate for a freeze of water rate increases that are not tied to costs or consumption, and will work towards water conservation and stewardship.

Here’s why:

Regina’s current water billing structure is unfair.

Like most cities Regina water rates have two parts: a basic or flat rate charge and a consumption charge to encourage conservation.  But unlike most other prairie cities Regina charges a high basic rate and a low consumption rate.

Utility Bill Details




Annual Basic Charge




Annual Volume Charge




Total Annual Water




Annual Basic Charge




Annual Volume Charge




Total Annual Wastewater




Annual Drainage Infrastructure Levy




Total Annual Utility Charges




Source: City of Regina 2016 Budget

The chart compares the cost of 2016 rates on a homeowner who uses 360 cubic metres of water per year. That’s typical for a family of two adults and two children in a home with two bathrooms, a dishwasher and washing machine, sitting on a lot with typical landscaping.  

 Low additional consumption charges do little to encourage conservation, which is what the City should focus on.

 Water Rates are rising:

Water rates in Regina are rising more than 2.5 times faster than property taxes. Since 2007, property taxes have risen by almost 37 per cent.  In the same period, water utility rates have risen by 105 per cent.  Water utility rates, particularly when the basic rate is high, fall most heavily on low-income citizens. 

It's time for the City of Regina to relook at how we do water rates.