End Homelessness

Platform to End Homelessness

Β Everyone has a right to adequate, affordable, and safe shelter. That's why I'm making a proposal to End Homelessness by 2020 a key commitment of my campaign in Ward 3.

Homelessness, much of it hidden, is a blight of injustice and exclusion in our community and a threat to the health and well-being of those who experience it. It's also costly and avoidable.hobo-315962.jpg

Existing responses, focused on emergency services, are inadequate. We need a major shift to focus on prevention, and a strategy to move people who become homeless into stable and supported housing.

The city of Medicine Hat, for example, has virtually eliminated homelessness by adopting a Housing First strategy in collaboration with community agencies. We can learn from Medicine Hat's experience. There, the fiscal conservative mayor who initially campaigned against that city’s homelessness strategy now champions the initiative. Why? Because ending homelessness is not only humane, achievable, and the right thing to do; it's also cheaper than inaction.

If elected, I will be a strong advocate for scaling up a Housing First strategy - in collaboration with the province and other local agencies - to end homelessness in Regina by 2020.