Motion: Boosting support for community grants

The Community Investment Grants Program is a lifeline for hundreds of organizations in our City. Evidence shows that these grants generate a massive "return on investment" through social and community-based programming. Unfortunately funding has not kept up with demand. My motion aims to change that. Find out more about the Community Investment Grants Program on the City of Regina website.

WHEREAS the budget for the Community Investment Grants Program is $3.45 million;

WHEREAS the base funding budget has increased only $200,000 since 2010 and has not kept pace with demand for funding;

WHEREAS the Program supports organizations and initiatives that make important contributions to “Culture”, “Sport & Recreation”, and “Social Development”;

WHEREAS money invested through the Program funds 191 non-profit organizations and equates to 32,390 volunteers, 199,089 hours of programs, and 1,805,880 participants involved in the services these initiatives provide, based on 2016 figures;

WHEREAS the number of organizations seeking support through the Program has increased since 2013;

WHEREAS the Program offers a demonstrable financial and social return on investment by funding services provided by community organizations rather than the City of Regina;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Community Investment Grants Program budget be increased to meet growing demand and subsequently indexed to inflation and that this be considered in the 2019 budget development process.

Respectfully submitted,

Councillor Andrew Stevens