Community is everything in municipal government. As a City Councillor, I built strong ties with community associations (Heritage Community Association and the Cathedral Area Community Association), and will continue to do so in the new Ward 3 (North Central Community Association). I’ve even worked with residents to form new community associations in the Downtown and Centre Square. It also means working with the local business community, like the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID). The neighbourhoods that make up Ward 3 have a strong history of passionate community associations and organizations that will help to influence the decision I make at the Council table. Some of these include:

  • North Central Family Centre
  • Street Culture Kids
  • Indigenous Christian Fellowship
  • Circle Project
  • YWCA
  • YMCA
  • Immigrant Women’s Centre
  • Canadian Mental Health Association

These relationships are built face-to-face, at fundraisers, special events, and during the town halls I host throughout the year.

Community also informs the direction of local development. This is why Neighbourhood Plans are important, as they provide focus to City staff and Councillors as we consider residential and commercial development. Community should also be a funding priority. That’s why, as a councillor, I fought to increase community association funding and to increase the money available through the Community Investment Grants Program. Council also needs to give space to residents to actively participate in civic decision making through advisory committees.