Clean Street

When the City street sweeping crews hit neighbourhoods they do a good job, but parked cars and other obstacles results in patches of dirt and debris that can sit there for over a year. That needs to change. Towing and signage is great in some areas, like downtown, but not everywhere. A more expansive towing regime and better communication is needed to help the City keep our street clean. In this motion I ask Administration to take a look at ways of improving our current strategy.

WHEREAS the City’s use of gravel during the winter, along with leaves and other debris results in exceptionally dirty streets year round;

WHEREAS debris has been allowed to accumulate for years on some streets due to vehicles not being moved during the annual street cleaning;

WHEREAS gravel and other debris creates a safety hazard for cyclists and pedestrians;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Administration prepare a report for Public Works and Infrastructure for Q3 of 2019 that:

1. Identifies a strategy of improving public communications and engagement (i.e., signage) about the street cleaning schedule;

2. Identifies the costs and cost recovery options related to towing vehicles in all areas of the City when scheduled street sweeping is underway;

3. Identifies additional deterrents and incentives that could result in residents moving their vehicles during scheduled street sweeping;

4. Identifies the costs of adding an additional street sweeping during the year.