A free class trip transit program for Regina?

I've submitted a notice of motion to the March 27, 2017 session of Regina City Council seeking information about the feasibility of a Class Trip Program for Regina. Here's the language of the motion.

Whereas the City of Saskatoon launched a Class Trip Program in 2016 that offers free transit service to teachers, students and chaperones traveling on class trips;

Whereas the City of Regina’s draft Transportation Master Plan focuses on increasing public transit ridership; 

Whereas a Class Trip Program has the potential to educate the public about the value of Regina’s public transit system;

THEREFORE be it resolved that:

That Administration prepares a report for Council on the development of a Class Trip Program that would waive the fee for services to daycare, primary, and secondary school teachers, students, and chaperones traveling on class trips.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Stevens

Councillor Ward 3