City services

As a City Councillor, I'm always happy to help out a resident. But sometimes it is best to contact the City directly with your queries and service requests. A list of resources can be found below. Remember that City Councillors are policy makers, so we're here to help change things for the better; city staff are the best resources when you need to access existing public services.

City of Regina On-line Request Form

Service Regina receives over 77,000 service requests in a given year. You can call Service Regina at 306-777-7000 or fill out a short, on-line form here. Outside of regular business hours, after hour service is available by phoning 306-777-6374; however, services may be limited during these times.

Keep track of the service request number. If you fail to receive a response, or are still not satisfied, that's where I come in. Send me an email at [email protected] and we can arrange a phone conversation from there.

Parking Enforcement

In a vehicle-obsessed culture, parking and parking enforcement issues will never be resolved. That's why I'm an advocate for better public transportation, biking infrastructure, and the development walkable communities. 

The City of Regina's parking enforcement system is largely complaints based. If you want to report an issue, call 306-777-6374.

Information about the City's policies and practices, check out the website. 

As a Councillor, I ask you this: would you rather a complaints-based system or a strict, strict zero-tolerance inspection system?

Civic Engagement, City Council, and Committees

No other level of government enables citizens to participate directly in the exercise of democracy and governance. I encourage residents to take an interest in, and engage with the various Council Committees. Learn more about the process here. Concerned about Council's approach to civic issues? Take an interest in city politics, organize around an issue, and advocate for change. Start at the community level, mobilize experts and neighbours, and take your concerns directly to Committees and Council. Councillors can be motivated by this type of advocacy.